INDI telescope and focuser remote controller


Project repo: marcocipriani01/IPARCOS

IPARCOS (Indi Protocol Android Remote COntrol Software) is an INDI client for Android. It features an INDI control panel, a mount and focuser controller and a database of objects to point the telescope.


Installing IPARCOS


  1. Prerequisite
    • Minimum Android version: 5.0
    • An INDI server must be running on the remote computer.
    • You must have network access to the server.
    • To achieve this, the Android device and the remote computer can be placed on your home network.
    • Alternatively, you can create a wireless network with your Android device and connect the remote computer to this network.
  2. Connection:
    • Choose the server address in the list or press on “Add server” to add a new server in the list
    • Optionally, you can change the port number if you do not use the default value for the INDI protocol (7624)
    • Click on “Connect”
  3. Use the INDI control panel
    • Click on the gear icon in the navigation bar to display the control panel
    • Use the tabs to switch between the devices
    • The properties of the device are displayed in a list. Click on a property to edit it or show the details.
  4. Control the telescope motion
    • Press the joystick to display the telescope motion control panel
    • The buttons will be enabled or disabled depending on the devices features.
    • If the device is not connected, the properties may not appear and the buttons will be disabled
  5. Focuser control
    • Supports speed control, focus in/out and absolute position

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